About Us

Parkwood Power Washing is a full service power washing company based in Butler, PA, focusing on the unsightly roof stains that affect many of us. We professionally clean roof shingles, decks, driveways, side walks, siding, etc.

Serving the local market since 2007, we are pleased to say that we have cleaned and maintained countless roofs with 100% customer satisfaction.

Not only as owners of rental property but also having the stain problem on our own homes, and after plenty of research, we realized that the stain / mold could be removed and maintained without the significant cost of shingle replacement. We've done all the research necessary including trying different products and application methods. The result for our customers today is that we use a 100% bio-degradable solution and removal process that will not harm the landscape, siding, paint, brick or pets.

Our goal is to work with you the home or business owner to remove the mold and unsightly streaking in a cost effective and professional manner; including making you aware of our maintenance program so the streaking will not return. We hope and appreciate, that if you are satisfied with our service or the information we provide on our web site that you will tell a friend or forward our web site link to them.