We Are Often Asked...

Are these streaks on my roof caused by dirt or rust?

No. The black streaking is a mold and will not go away. It will continue to grow and cover more of the roof.

Will the mold return if I have it cleaned?

Absolutely! The mold thrive on the moisture trapped in the limestone filler used in shingle manufacturing. If not re-treated every two years, the mold will eventually return.

Why is there mold on some of my rooflines but not all?

The north and east facing rooflines are most likely to mold first. This is due to lack of direct sunlight to completely dry shingles during the day. Tree obstruction in any area will also increase the likelihood of mold forming.

Is the maintenance program cost the same as the original cleaning cost?

No. The every two year service is much less. We are applying the bio-degradable solution on the shingles as a maintenance spray, nothing more.

How long will it take to complete the job?

We average about 2 hours per roof from start to finish. However, more complex rooflines will require extra time.

Can we save money by doing other homes in neighborhood?

We will work you and neighbors with the same issue to bundle services and save.

Does the DIY spray-on solution work effectively?

The spray-on applications MAY work dependent on severity of mold. But it will take multiple applications and many months for the desired result to be achieved.